Sunday, March 29, 2009

schlep bag

My version of the schlep bag.

First, decide what size you want your bag.
Blocks finished at 5" make a bag that’s 13" tall and 28" in diameter;
blocks finished at 5-1/2" make a bag 15" tall and 31-1/2" in diameter;
blocks finished at 6" make a bag 16-1/2" tall and 33" in diameter. If you want a larger bag, start with larger blocks.

Assemble 16 blocks in your favorite block pattern or just sew material together as I have. Sew those blocks together in strips of four.

Now cut four pieces of fabric the same size as the strip of four blocks: this is the lining.

f you’re going to use batting, measure the width and length of a set of 4 blocks and cut 4 pieces of batting 1/2" shorter and narrower than your 4 block piece. For example, if your blocks are 6-1\2" each, sewn together they are 6-1/2 x 24-1/2, so your batting would be 6 x 24.

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grblog said...

I love this tutorial- I really want to try it! I shared your blog with my Twitter followers today,and I'll share this on my CraftTestDummies blog later this week!