Sunday, July 26, 2009

quilted wall hanging (coming along)

Now to fasten the little puppy down. The curls keep popping up and the branches keep moving. Plus, the ironing board isn't wide enough to hold the whole thing. I've got to go find Grandma's old bread board and hope it's wide enough. And, I have to figure out where to put the two love birds. Maybe I'll have to make them a bit smaller so they'll fit on the branch.

We're having fun now.


Diana Troldahl said...

(Diana from QC)

cinzia said...

It is looking wonderful. Can't wait to see the finished product

Julie said...

This looks stunning, looking forward to seeing the next stage!

Gerrianne said...

This is just beautiful!!!

Helen from Hobart said...

It's SO KLIMT - almost exactly the same tree I've had in my head for ages.
So of course, I LOVE IT.

It's about time my butt and my head connected. So that I could get off one and and get the things out of the other !!!

Helen from Hobart

myslewis said...

Totally inspired - so elegant!
I second gael's suggestion to use wash out glue stick!

Banaghaisge said...

it looks stunning! Don't worry about your poor old hands falling off - it is worth it!

Vivian said...

interesting piece.
If you use 'wonder-under' to fuse the tree, you will not have any parts move when you sew.
pressing: if you have a table/ kitchen counter that is arborite, cover it with an old blanket and an old sheet. You will be able to press with the entire thing flat = no stretching.

Anonymous said...

This is so cool, love it!!
Linda P