Monday, August 10, 2009

wedding quilt

I finished the quilting last night and now I'm wondering: binding or border? I'm thinking of using the red fabric that in the birds. Oh, the problems we make for ourselves.

Barb got the golf quilt Saturday and was very pleased. It's already hanging on her wall.


Jennifer said...

Love the quilt top - I think a border the same color as the love birds would really make them pop!

Vivian said...

The love birds are really cute!
I would suggest a narrow black binding. The red birds will stand out.

Helen from Hobart said...

I was wondering how you fastened those curls down - then I enlarged the photo and SAW - aha tulle !! Brilliant.
I have been using organza for similar purposes - gives a nice sheen after the quilting too.

I would be more conservative and use more of the background for the binding, with perhaps a smidgen of red as a narrow piping. But then I'd have to make myself one first.

Helen from Hobart
with Klimt aspirations

Anonymous said...

Very Very cool, the angelina looks great. So does the quilting! Woo Hoo...what color binding did you decide on? Picture?
Linda P

Kate quilts... said...

It's beautiful, I couldn't entertain trying anything like it. I'd bind in black. The red sounds good, too, but I think I prefer the birds to really stand out and be just that little touch of colour.

Can't wait to see what you decide.

Patricia said...

That is really lovely.

Vivian said...

Great job on the binding, it sets the quilt off beautifully.
Also, wonderful double wedding ring, your sister is very lucky to get one from you and one from her grandmother.